The Snaidero Difference

Innovative Technologies

Snaidero draws from their entire team when it comes to designing their cabinetry. Custom solutions combined with solid design helps the team to create cutting edge and innovative cabinets in today’s market

Avant-garde Coatings

Snaidero's investments in research provide truly avant-garde solutions. Micalised coatings, for example, provide a seductive and discreet brightness.

Laser Perfection

The quality of laminate without seams, for an impeccable aesthetic result. See it, touch it, feel it: the advantages of laser technology can be perceived by all the senses. Its use ensures maximum functionality and looks without discontinuity.

Innovative construction

All Snaidero's cabinet caracasses are constructed with the highest standards. The boxes are constructed with 19mm thick wood particle panels, with very low formaldehyde emissions. Finished with a melamine, making each cabinet easy to clean and resistant to abrasions.


Developing a wide range of colors and finishes for doors and cabinets with customized technological components and relatively short response times is possible due to the integration of the lacquering process into the production chain. This enables Snaidero to meet any market need.

Motorized Doors

Advances in technology have lead to ease in processes. Snaidero has created the use of motorized doors and drawers that open and close with a simple touch.

Integrated LED Lighting

LED lighting adds to the sleek cabinet design already synonymous with Snaidero. This allows for a growing aesthetic that contributes to long term cost and environmental savings.