About Snaidero

Snaidero Kitchens + Designs

For over 75 years, Snaidero has revolutionized Italian cabinetry through partnerships with world renowned designers and architects. Crafted with respect to the environment and built to long surpass their 10 year guarantee, every Snaidero Kitchen is individually designed to improve the quality of life.

Award-winning design solutions

Fundamental to design is the belief that simple shapes can achieve enduring results. Following this creed, and never completely satisfied with merely quality and function, Snaidero constantly pushes the envelope by partnering with some of today’s most acclaimed designers, architects and artists to create designs that are innovative yet timeless in style and highly customizable to fit any lifestyle. Furthermore, behind every design is an extensive analysis of trends, colors, materials, ergonomics, technological applications and safety, to ensure the product will meet the market’s demands and will stand the test of time.