The Snaidero Difference

Green by Design

LEED Certified

To satisfy the needs of the increasing number of "green" builders and developers operating in the North-American multi-housing industry, Snaidero offers LEED Certified cabinetry in a variety of finishes and materials.

Environmental Certifications

Due to our commitment to quality control and strict environmental procedures, Snaidero has been awarded certification from RINA, a certification body for management system and safety procedures; CSQ, an Italian certification body for quality systems; and the ICILA, the certification body for wood and furniture products.

Water Based Coatings

Water-based coatings are the new frontier of low environmental impact manufacturing. Snaidero has been using them for years, protecting the health of its workers and customers.

Certified Materials

Irresponsible forestry practices can lead to the destruction of forests and natural habitats and air and water pollution. Snaidero only uses certified materials.

Low Emission Panels

The structures of Snaidero kitchens are made from panels with low formaldehyde emission: less than half of that set out in European standard E1.

Truly Energy Efficient

Energy is a resource to be respected. This is why Snaidero has been investing for some time in the most recent technologies for reducing energy consumption.