Design Inspiration

Corner Kitchen: 5 Inspiring Ideas

For personal taste or due to space requirements, when you choose a corner kitchen solution, space will be most certainly optimally used.

Today, we are happy to present a beautiful project carried out with the Orange Evolution kitchen.

Idea 1

Choose a Classy Two-Tone
A black-and-white kitchen: elegant and refined, a classical item that never goes out of fashion.

Idea 2

A Single Door Wall Cabinet:  Spacious and Stylish
A highly functional and practical solution, the single door wall cabinet allows for easy access to the entire space during the entire period of use, eliminating all the annoying opening and closing movements.

Idea 3

Open Shelves:  Useful Niches For Your Kitchen Utensils, Always at Hand
A handy solution to neatly store all kitchen accessories and utensils, always close at hand. 

Idea 4

The Cooking Area:  Let’s Make it Special With a Unique Hood
The cooking area also boasts an original design, merit of a highly technological hood. An inspiring, decorative and highly technical solution.

Idea 5

Informality and Multifunctionality for the Dining Area
The smartly designed dining area adjacent to the kitchen consists of a large table and a bench-like element with the same finishing as the table that can be used for informal conviviality moments as well as storage space.

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